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Goodbye Green Glitter, hello Clearly

Say hello, wave goodbye

Say hello, wave goodbye

It’s been a VERY long time in the making but we now have a brand-new big shiny proper magazine, all about ethical and sustainable fashion, beauty, travel, food, culture and a million other things, called Clearly!

You’ll find a lot of existing Green Glitter content there already, and from now on it’s where we’ll publish new stuff. Thanks to everyone who’s supported GG over the last three years ❤

Come over and check it out, whydontcha?


BODO steps up car tyre sandal mission

BODO sandals' sunny colours belie their grubbier provenance

BODO sandals’ sunny colours belie their grubbier provenance

BuyOneDonateOne (BODO) has launched its range of sandals, sporting soles made from recycled vehicle tyres, on Kickstarter.

Available in bright red, buttercup yellow, sky blue, sugar pink and black, the social enterprise hopes the sandals can make a dent in the 3 billion car tyres thrown away each year.

As the name suggests, every purchase of BODO sandals (£39.99) also pays for the donation of a pair of shoes to someone in need. According to BODO, 300 million children across the world live without adequate footwear, risking exposure to soil-transmitted diseases and injuries that could in turn prevent access to education and employment.

With plans to eventually tackle this problem across the world, BODO is currently working with the Barefoot Foundation in Colombia to start its programme in South America and the Caribbean.

There’s less than a week to go on Kickstarter, so chop chop.

Irish skincare brand brings power of seaweed to UK shores

Inside the box is pure Ocean Oak seaweed

Inside the box is pure Ocean Oak seaweed

Irish brand Atlantavive is to bring its organic seaweed skincare from Co. Sligo to the UK, presenting Ocean Oak Bath Soak as its ‘hero product’.

Ocean Oak seaweed reduces the signs of ageing by preventing the thickening and improving the elasticity of the epidermis, according to Atlantavive, while seaweed baths may also help treat skin conditions and muscle and joint pain.

Atlantavive, which says it responsibly harvests the plants to ensure no harm is caused to wildlife or the environment, supplies the Ocean Oak Bath Soak (€29.50/400g) in a paulownia wooden box.

Animal designs recycled flip-flops for World Oceans Day

The new sandals support the work of Surfers Against Sewage

The new sandals support the work of Surfers Against Sewage

Surf brand Animal will release two new flip-flop designs for World Oceans Day on June 8th, with ten per cent of the profits supporting Surfers Against Sewage’s campaign to keep the UK’s seas clean.

Dropping tomorrow, Aggro (£30) and Jekyl Slim Recycled (£20) are made of recycled EVA chips which creates a unique look for each shoe.

Founded in 1990 in the north-coast villages of St Agnes and Porthtowan, Surfers Against Sewage has evolved from a single-issue campaign group to become one of the UK’s leading environmental charities.

Crowdfund this: Slave to Fashion

The campaign aims to fund the production of a book

The campaign aims to fund the production of a book

Slavery is far from over. The fast fashion industry is one of the bad guys of the human rights story and, unsurprisingly, would prefer you didn’t know about the men, women and children trapped in 21st century slavery, making clothes for British high streets.

Safia Minney – the Big Boss of People Tree and general ethical fashion guru – is crowdfunding £35,000 via Kickstarter to uncover modern slavery in the fashion supply chain. The multifaceted project, Slave to Fashion, will include a book, micro-documentaries and an educational outreach programme.

Rewards include copies of the book, ethically made T-shirts and jewellery, and VIP invitations to the Slave to Fashion success party with Safia Minney and designer Zandra Rhodes at her London penthouse.

Here’s a video:

Tomorrow is the Kickstarter deadline so pledge now.

Éminence releases targeted skin treatments

Éminence's VitaSkin Targeted Treatments are designed for on-the-go application

Éminence’s VitaSkin Targeted Treatments are designed for on-the-go application

Éminence Organic Skincare has released a new trio of skincare solutions – VitaSkin Targeted Treatments – cosmetic bag-sized formulas made using vitamin-rich, botanical blends.

Clear Skin Targeted Acne Treatment has been designed to treat blemishes, while Firm Skin Targeted Anti-Wrinkle Treatment smoothes the appearance of fine lines and Bright Skin Targeted Spot Treatment helps to even out skin tones and treat dark or age spots.

The three VitaSkin Targeted Treatments (£49 each) are available online and from salons and spas.

Lily Lolo nails new polishes

Lily Lolo gives the finger to standard nail polish chemicals

Lily Lolo gives the finger to standard nail polish chemicals

British mineral make-up brand Lily Lolo will add a nail polish collection to its range from May 17th. Containing Ecocert-certified ingredients, the non-toxic formula has been developed to care for nails.

The range comprises six shades: 9-5, Candy Floss, Soft Coral, Miss Scarlett, Temptress and Carnival.